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Our Firm

Experience white-glove technical service unlike any other.


For over 20 years, Denver, Colorado-based Ki Security and Compliance Group has been honed to combat ever-expanding risks to enterprise and communication networks.

Ki’s refined processes and methodology is tailored to meet the highly sophisticated demands of the private financial sector. We Design, Maintain, and Secure the IT infrastructure of some of the most accomplished private fund investment firms in the industry. We ensure our clients’ most critical and confidential information systems sustain optimal performance while providing seamless protection against threats.

Our proven approach allows our clientele to concentrate on productivity and day-to-day operations, leaving literally all technology related facets to us. Whether preparing for an SEC investigation or beginning to pursue a public filing, Ki Security and Compliance Group leads and advises our clients on many of the key technical configurations required by various regulators.

Security First

Ensuring a safe, secure, and state-of-the-art information protection and privacy landscape for sophisticated and fast growing firms is our primary objective.


We focus on core industry sectors where we have substantial experience and deep knowledge; our diversification allows us to watch and respond to ever-changing needs and threats as they develop across sectors.


We create sustainable value through operational expertise, strategic repositioning, and by refusing to cut corners.

Who We Are


Our Primary Focus

With decades at the forefront of cyber security, our breadth and depth of capabilities are dedicated to privacy and security for private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and private fund managers.


How We Add Value

As your security and compliance experts, we deliver peace of mind and ease – from the simple, day to day, managed IT services to complex handling of systems required to adhere to a demanding regulatory environment including acquisitions, mergers and rapid growth – for you and your portfolio.


Exclusive Relationships

We are committed to providing top-tier service and professionalism to our partners. With some clientele having worked with us for two decades, Ki Security and Compliance Group continues to demonstrate trusted partnerships with our clients’ most critical and sensitive information systems.


Now More Than Ever

We will say it again, “You need us now more than ever“.  Sophisticated hacking attempts are increasingly targeting financial sectors with more and more breaches occurring every year. Security and privacy infringements significantly increase cost and cause severe disruptions to organizations. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide your firm through these complicated times.


Trusted and Integrated

Being focused on the private equity and investment sector, we are keenly aware of challenges facing teams and the demanding nature of our clients’ needs. We immerse in our clients’ company culture and sustain frequent physical presence in their offices, often filling the role of a CTO/CISO.


Professionals, Not Vendors

We do not compromise when it comes to IT security. We are here to be your strategic partner, not an outside vendor.