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We deliver exceptional service and complex, sustainable solutions to protect and maximize our clients’ capabilities. Whether your team is working alongside federal agencies to investigate cyber attacks, or guiding a private party through recovery from a significant breach, Ki Security and Compliance Group’s support is tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

To us, being a leader in the IT industry is about more than being an outside advisor. We become integrated in our clients’ everyday operations, providing meticulous support through daily demands to significant long-term objectives.

Whether a problem arises on Monday morning or at midnight on Saturday, the Ki Security and Compliance team is ready.

Being in business over 20 years with diversification across various sectors has allowed us to remain entrenched within ever-evolving threats and security advancements.

While others focus on surface level solutions, every decision we make is viewed through the lens of Security and Compliance First. This philosophy is ingrained at the core of our company and every aspect of our operations.

Upholding the privacy of our clientele is top priority at Ki Security and Compliance Group. Our team undergoes extensive background investigation prior to hire and receives ongoing training on how and when to safely and securely access client information. We will never share our clients’ identities without their prior authorization.