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Lapses in cybersecurity can result in extensive legal and insurance complications – hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line.

The Ki Analytics Division provides unbiased macro-level visibility into the overall health of an organization’s IT operations. Our detailed review analysis offers ongoing insight and invaluable clarity into the status and condition of your systems and informational framework.

Our comprehensive analysis evaluates the following for your organization:

  • Current cyber security policies and procedures
  • Long-term cyber security goals
  • GAP analysis of current procedures vs. best practices
  • Forecasted liabilities
  • Hardware assets and procurement
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data integrity and disaster recovery
  • Access permission hierarchy
  • Current structure, staffing goals, forecasting
  • Health of internal or external I.T department
  • Operations and procedures
  • Allocation of resources
  • Vendor threat landscape
  • Vendor appraisal
  • Budget and expense analysis
  • Identification of potential supply chain weaknesses

We expose vulnerabilities and provide high level remediation recommendations throughout the active review process. Plus, we’ll periodically reengage completed Ki Analytics evaluations to circumvent emerging threats and relay latest best practices.

Our archival reporting gives leaders and teams baselines and visibility into internal and external operations, providing an overhead view of active technologies and policies. Verified history of our proactive fortification process helps limit exposure during external audits or due diligence review process.

Ki Security and Compliance Group is your committed strategic partner, always there to keep our clients apprised of technological best practices, emerging obstacles and viable opportunities.